The digital TTRPG platform built by and for the community



For the Optimizer and the Content Creator

Level 1-to-20 Builds

Publish your builds for others to discover and use

World-class homebrew

(Sub)classes, (sub)races, feats, magic items, monsters, and more

Share the wealth

Create something popular and get paid

For the Beginner

Archetypal character builder

Don’t know what kind of character you want to play? We can help!

1,000s of pre-gen characters

Want to play an elven ranger or your favorite superhero? We’ve got you covered.

Built-in optimization tips

We’ll help you every step of the way: with character creation, level up, and even in combat.



For the Professional

Streaming mode

Click a button to share maps, images, player stats... with your audience.

Combine and edit adventures

Want to switch out a monster, map, or even chapter? All content is editable by you.

Publish your campaign

Make your content available to everyone on the platform or only to your patrons and get paid.

For the First-Time GM

Out-of-the-box adventures

Community rated so you know what you’re getting into

Session zero tools

Group backstory, ability score rolling, and party balancing tools make it fun for everyone, including you

Optimization tips built in

We’ll help you every step of the way: selecting an adventure, dynamic encounter balancing, and combat



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